Become a Volunteer

Working on a horse farm is hard work, but it’s enjoyable and rewarding, especially because you get to know the horses and they get to know you!

Kindred Farm welcomes all volunteers, over the age of 16 (unless joined by a parent/guardian), regardless their level of horse experience, and provides ongoing hands on training, education and mentoring.  Duties range from cleaning stalls, feeding and watering, to grooming, training, riding and many more chores that keep the farm running efficiently and effectively.

We ask that you be willing to learn, be able to work independently, and make a minimum time commitment of three hours per week for three months. In exchange, you’ll be doing something worthwhile with your spare time, as well as learning about horses and farm management.  Please be aware that your commitment to volunteer at the farm on a certain day and time form the basis for our activity planning.  If you need to cancel, it is hoped that you will attempt to switch shifts with another available volunteer.  And if you commit to coming, and you do not show up or call, it is cause for worry, not just because you aren’t here, but because something untoward may have happened…..which is cause for concern.

We request that you consider very carefully that you are able to commit and can be reliable, before you contact us.  We have a very busy schedule and horses and their needs come first.  After you contact us, a meet and greet will be arranged so you have a chance to find your way here and check the place out.  Should you then decide that “yes”, you wish to volunteer, a date that is suitable for both you and the farm will be determined, and your schedule firmed up.  You will also need to set up a one-on-one session with Liz Tompkins, the Barn Manager, who will walk you through safe horse handling practices on the farm.  This can be done within the first month and before you are required to handle any horses.  You will work with another experienced volunteer for the first while, until you know the routine and can perform tasks without guidance.   If you have riding experience and wish to ride as well as volunteer, a riding assessment will be set up with Tanya, and your skills matched with a suitable horse, if possible.

During your first month, we’ll assess your comfort zone and skills before placing you in one of three volunteer level, relative to what you can and cannot do with the horses. Training opportunities include one-on-one sessions with the barn manager, sharing resources (books and DVDs), learning from other volunteers and watching farm activities.  If you are already a talented rider, capable of training and schooling green horses both on the flat and over jumps we would love to have your help. If you wish to take riding lessons, these fall under the business side of the farm, and you are required to pay for them.  Unofficial, mini lessons are often provided at no charge, to keep you on track if you are riding one of the farm horses.

Interested in joining our team of volunteers?  Fill out the application form on the website and send it to Tanya.