Equine Assisted Learning Program

Healing Horses, Healing Hearts

Kindred Farm Rescue provides Equine Learning Sessions to at risk youth and adults.  Many of our current clients have been referred to us by the  Children’s Aid Society.  The EAL Program provides both individual and small group unmounted Equine Assisted Learning sessions.  March break and summer camps are also available to a limited number of clients.  This is not a riding program.

Vision:  That individuals be confident and accepting of themselves and others.

Mission:  To empower children, teens and adults with confidence by helping them to identify their own unique qualities and skills that they can use to bring about positive change within their lives.

Values:  Respect, Safety, Honesty, Accountability, Compassion, Integrity

Why Horses ?
Horses live in the now and expect you to be nothing but who you are.
The nature of the horse requires that individuals let go of who they think they should be, and become more aware of who they are. Horses give individuals an opportunity to feel safe and free of judgement as they explore using their own unique qualities and skills to accomplish goals, overcome obstacles and become more self aware, gaining confidence in the process.

Individual 1 hour sessions are $85.00 (plus tax)

Equine support partners range from our two very special mini rescues (Waffles and Tux), and range in size from a whopping 7 hhs, to our big 17.1 hh TB gelding, Rock, and many others in between.

The program is run by Liz Tompkins, Certified Equine Assisted Learning Coach (EAL Canada).  Please contact her directly for further information at (613) 292-5002 or at Liz_kindredfarmrescue@yahoo.com

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