Buy a Horse/Pony

The Process

If you are interested in one of our horses or ponies, please contact Tanya to arrange a viewing and perhaps a test ride.  Unless you are a very experienced horse person, it is recommended that you always bring along another objective individual, preferably a coach if you have one.  They are familiar with your riding abilities, and can help guide you in terms of appropriate mounts.  There is nothing worse that realizing one or two months down the road, that you are over-horsed and develop a fear of riding.  Or that there just isn’t that chemistry between you that you had hoped for upon purchase.

If you want to make an appointment to view a horse, a showing fee of $50. is required, via EMT to  This fee will be returned to you immediately you arrive for the showing.  We are not happy to have to do this, but past experiences have forced the issue, and there is little enough time to get the regular chores done on the farm, never mind prepare for test rides for individuals who don’t show up.  Our volunteers are generally involved in the showings, who have been riding or working with a particular horse.  They have the most intimate knowledge of that particular equine and are therefore in the best position to give you the horse’s background in terms of under saddle and ground training and behaviours.  So we make a considerable time commitment to a certain day and time for showings, and we request you do the same.

Equines must go to approved homes with a contract.  Approved means that you have the resources and the skills (or access to those skills…i.e. coach), for that particular horse, and an appropriate environment.  And references from vet/farrier/personal contact.  If you come out for a test ride, and you appear to be over-horsed, it is likely that it is not a good fit and it is also likely that you will be told as much.  If it is a good fit, and you are considering a purchase, but want to know the horse/pony better before you commit, you can avail yourself of a one month free on-site trial. Should you decide after purchase, that for whatever reason, that you can no longer keep this horse or pony, please contact me prior to taking any other action. We may be able to help.

Assuming you have found what you want, a pre-purchase vet exam is always recommended.  We will make available all vet records, x-rays (if any) and any history we have or any knowledge of health/behaviour issues.  Our policy is 100% disclosure.  Our priority is appropriate re-homing.

And please note, we will not sell any of our equines to homes where there is not a good fit, nor if the intent is breeding.

We are also very keen to find some approved foster homes or long-term lease homes, with an option to purchase at any point during the lease.  References required as well as a signed contract.  Please inquire if this might be of interest to you.

If you would like to find the perfect horse or pony to meet your needs, get more information, apply to rehome any of our horses, please contact Tanya.  If you can’t rehome, please consider sponsoring our program, donating, or volunteering.